Online games are games that can be played by the user with the use of a computer and the Internet. An online game is usually a virtual video game which is either mainly or partly played via the Internet or some other computer network around the world. In most cases, an online game is designed for a specific gaming system such as the Internet-enabled game console from Sony Computer Entertainment America (CSE) or Microsoft. Other popular gaming platforms include Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Gamecube, Play station Portable (PSP), Palm OS, Nintendo Game Gear and others.

The major categories of popular online games are Action, Card game, Platform games, Strategy, arcade game, Role Playing Games (also known as RPG), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Online Shooting Games and Virtual Reality (VR). Each type has its own sub-genres. For example, an action game might have shooting, racing, fighting, platform and puzzle elements. A card game might include brawls, deck building and gambling. A platform game could have stele (programming language similar to C) or Java as its underlying technology.

There are currently a total of 5 million players actively playing online multiplayer mode on websites each day. Majority of these players are aged fifty and above with the average age being thirty. Most players are located in North America, Western Europe and Eastern Asia. Most of the popular multiplayer browser games can be downloaded for free. However, there are also many pay-to-play websites where one must purchase certain types of virtual items in order to become a member.

Among the most popular online games are several free online games including Fortnite Battle Royale, Go Fish, Plants Vs Zombies, Foursquare Garden, and Super Crate Box. As more people become hooked to Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites, these games are rapidly increasing in popularity. The most popular games on Facebook right now are the brain teasers. These games can be very addictive, since some of them require a lot of strategy and thinking. Many of them can also be enjoyed alone, as they are relatively quiet, which is good for people who want to spend time alone and without interruptions from family, roommates or friends. Let us know more about this by clicking on the given link PKV Games.

Another hot game that has been launched year after year is Division 2. Division 2 is an online real-time strategy game that entails players to build an army and defend it against attacks by other players. The basic goal of Division 2 is to achieve a certain level and complete different challenges within a certain time period. The game is very addictive and like the games mentioned above, has 50 million active players worldwide.

Last but not the least is Zynga’s hit game Pets vs. Apets. This popular game requires players to build an animal kingdom and tend to it by improving its health, creating toys and eating food. Pets vs. Apets were one of the most downloaded games on Facebook this year.

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