What makes a human believe in Gods? Is it that they have had personal experience with a Creator, or is it more of an emotional tie? What I find intriguing is that the Bible contains many references to God that don’t necessarily mention any attributes that could be described as God-like. For example, when we read about the flood, we know that it was a worldwide flood that occurred because Noah’s ark couldn’t hold anymore water and the flood began. The Bible doesn’t say that the people on board experienced a divine presence or that there was a Creator who created the world.

This brings up the question of what makes a human believe in Gods, and it’s a good question. In many ways it’s much more complicated than that, because our physical reality is filled with evidence that shows that beings, spirits, demons, angelic entities, and even individuals are present in this world. But we have no recorded evidence of any of these beings existing before the creation of the physical world. So we can’t ask them about their existence, and we don’t need to do that to discover what makes a person believe in Gods.

A great many religious fanatics believe that there are angels, spirits, God, and other mysterious beings. If we were to open up the minds of these religious believers, we might find out that all of these beings really are. We would then see that there is a common ground that all these religious believers share, even if they don’t admit it. Once we understand what makes a human believe in Gods, then we can begin to make sense of some of the more bizarre beliefs that are out there. Visit this site for more information.

A common belief that is thought to be true by a large number of people is that there is life outside of this world. It might not be real life, but it might be much more powerful than anything that we can observe right now. Perhaps there are beings out there who are stronger and more cunning than we are, and we simply haven’t found out yet. Some might say that we aren’t seeing life, but we have found out that there is some kind of a force at work in the world that has a very powerful effect on the way that we live today. And while it might not be anything that is tangible, the results of our actions have an affect on the lives of those around us.

Another common belief is that a human being can be hypnotized. Some say that the mind can be controlled, changed, and directed toward particular ends. This is something that most believers in what makes a human believe in gods will say. This would mean that the power of suggestion is a very real thing that we can use to influence the actions of other people. Whether these suggestions come from the conscious mind or the subconscious is another matter entirely, but they do exist, and the hypnotized state of someone can be used to help someone else achieve their goals.

A more disturbing thought than the ones presented here is that of what makes a human believe in gods. This isn’t really an abnormal belief, considering the vast number of theories that explain the universe and the behavior of its creatures. One possibility is that our planet was visited by aliens, and that they have minds that can detect the energy frequencies that we emit. From this, they may deduce that there are other beings existing in this solar system that may be able to read our thoughts. Even though this is just a theory, it might be worth exploring for the sake of science.

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