Online soccer game is one of the most exciting and interesting things to be played these days. It not only lets you play with your friends across the globe but also let you watch other people playing with real teams from all around the world. Moreover, you can also play online soccer games with anyone anywhere in the world. Apart from that, it lets you play with different versions of football games made by several famous football clubs. The list includes:

o Fantasy Football – If you are a fan of fantasy football then you will love playing this online soccer game. You can create your own football team by choosing a team from any nationality. Then you have to go on with your quest to win the championship. You need to score more goals than the other team and take all the points for your team. In order to shoot the ball into the goal post, you need to have great skill, speed and strength.

o Fingerspray – If you are fond of playing finger soccer then it’s the perfect game for you. You don’t need any ball to play with this cool game. Here you just need to hold your hands up with your fingers pointing to the sky. You must keep your fingers tightly together with your thumb pointing down and then kick the ball with your fingers.

o Finger Soccer – If you are fond of playing soccer pragmatic challenge then the game Finger Soccer is perfect for you. It doesn’t even require ball. All you need to do is to swipe your fingers horizontally. This way you can shoot the ball and use the ball to score.

o Puppet soccer challenge – If you love playing puppet soccer then this game is for you. On this fun online soccer challenge you have to pass through obstacles. For example, there are poles sticking out on the ground. Your goal is to push your tiny puppet through these poles by touching them with your fingers. The last challenge you will face is a goalie.

If you take control of your life and try out any one of these cool online soccer games you will not regret it at all. These games are very enjoyable. They will help to reduce your addiction to soccer balls. So if you have been addicted to soccer balls, now it is time to let go of it. Take control of your life and play these cool online soccer games.

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