Mobile games are so addictive that the world is starting to turn into one big online games playground. This is where you can do your favorite activity whether it is motor racing card games or classic arcade games. With more people flocking to the smart phones and portable devices, you must join them too. It is time for you to get back in the groove of things with the best online games for mobile devices.

Zombie Rollerz: Dozers’n’Rockets is the best online game for you if you like a good challenge. You play as a zombie, just like you did when you were alive. You explore a large city full of zombies. Shoot, kill and eat every zombie you see. The better you get at it the more points you get to accumulate and eventually earn the best virtual money that you can own – the Nendoroid zombies. Click here for more information about Agen Bola 88.

Zombie Taxi: Set in the near future, you are a taxi driver and have to collect clients in the city. The zombies will attack your car so you have to rely on your wits as well as your sense of sight. Your chances of survival depend on how well you can keep yourself out of trouble. Use your nose to find hidden survivors as well as use your binoculars to spot other zombies and humans in the city.

Zombie Panic Rush: In this fun and exciting game, you are tasked to save your home from an invasion of Zombies. The zombies appear all over the city and you have to take precautionary measures to protect yourself and your family. Use your binoculars and your gun to fight these zombies and earn the highest scores.

Zombie Shooter 2: You play as the sniper again in this zombie-shooter game. If you think you are tough enough, you can try this intense game that involves platforming, hiding and shooting. Enjoy the ride as you shoot the zombies as they approach your location. The zombies here to run slower than usual and you have to move with great timing to take them out without getting hit.

World in Danger: You are stationed at a military base where you are to protect the president from the zombies. You have various weapons available including a rocket launcher, machine guns, pistols etc to help you fend off the zombies. This is one of those flash games that comes with the option of different difficulty levels so that even an average player can enjoy this fun online game. The zombies here run faster and much more aggressively and you need to work out a plan to beat them. The variety of the zombies and the overall difficulty of the game make this one of the best online games for mobile devices.

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