On 25 October 1966, after resolutions in both Houses of Parliament, the Secretary of State for Wales formally appointed a tribunal to inquire into the disaster. Before the tribunal began, Elwyn Jones, the Attorney General, cautioned the media that commenting on matters to be investigated by the tribunal could lay them open to the same consequences as contempt of court. Sitting alongside Lord Justice Davies on the inquiry were the civil engineer Harold Harding and Vernon Lawrence, the former Clerk to the Monmouthshire County Council. The inquiry had an initial public meeting on 2 November 1966 and took evidence in public for 76 days, spread over the next five months; during that time 136 witnesses testified. The tribunal report stated “”much of the time of the Tribunal could have been saved if … the National Coal Board had not stubbornly resisted every attempt to lay the blame where it so clearly must rest—at their door””.

Cramped conditions in the chapel meant that parents could only be admitted one at a time to identify the bodies of their children. The building also acted as a missing person bureau and its vestry was used by Red Cross volunteers and St John Ambulance stretcher-bearers. Four hundred embalmers volunteered to assist with the cleaning and dressing of the corpses; a contingent that flew over from Northern Ireland removed the seats of their plane to transport child-sized coffins. The smaller Aberfan Calvinistic Chapel nearby was used as a second mortuary from 22 to 29 October.

This roundup was updated by Katya Weiss-Andersson, a writer and editor who has nearly a decade of experience as a professional chef, and Katrina Munichiello, a writer and editor who specializes in the tea and food industries. Septic tanks work by separating floating matter, such as oil and grease, and solids from the wastewater that exits your home. As more matter enters, the capacity of the tank decreases, which is why it must be pumped regularly. To give your disposal a cleaning, place ice cubes, baking soda, and thin lemon slices down your sink drain without the water running, and then turn on the disposal.

Heavy rain led to a build-up of water within the tip which caused it to suddenly slide downhill as a slurry, killing 116 children and 28 adults as it engulfed Pantglas Junior School and a row of houses. The tip was the responsibility of the National Coal Board , and the subsequent inquiry placed the blame for the disaster on the organisation and nine named employees. Most fruit and vegetable scraps, pieces of meat, and leftovers can safely be put in a garbage disposal. A small amount of fruit and vegetable peels can be handled by most disposals, but if you’re peeling several pounds of potatoes, it’s better to skip putting the peels down the disposal.

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The main building hit was the local junior school, where lessons had just begun; 5 teachers and 109 children were killed. Reviewers say it’s easy to install, even without a pro, and some say the upside to getting a less-powerful disposal is a quieter motor, too. Most are pleased with the power, but some say the splash guard is a little stiff, so they have to more actively push food waste down into the disposal. Smaller households or buyers with small budgets will appreciate the Waste King EZ Mount L-111, recommended by hundreds of owners who say it’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t need quite as much power in a garbage disposal. This continuous-feed model is a 1/3-horsepower unit with stainless steel grinders and a 1,900 RPM motor, and many say it’s a great fit for smaller kitchens or apartments where big dinners aren’t a nightly affair.

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