Grove Square Galleries is an internationally recognised contemporary art gallery & creative services organisation representing an interdisciplinary line-up of young, up-and-coming artists from various disciplines. Committed to the philosophy of promoting work by artists working in the ever-changing mediums of art, the Gallery’s programme is designed to celebrate the talent emerging from the contemporary arts community, whilst maintaining a commitment to supporting young artists through ongoing professional development and events. Set in an impressive array of studios, homes and galleries, the Gallery’s programme offers an extensive selection of solo and group exhibitions featuring award-winning artists from across the UK and internationally.

With Grove Square Galleries being located in one of London’s most vibrant areas, many visitors will be sure to stop by for a while. Established as an advisory service, the Gallery’s programs are designed to connect prospective art buyers and artists with those who are showcasing their work at the Gallery. Attending an exhibition can give you the chance to view and buy new and used works, visit an exhibition or just enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Gallery itself. The large scale and highly varied content of the participating contemporary art galleries are sure to ensure that every visitor will have something interesting to talk about when they return to the Grove Square Galleries.

As well as regularly featuring solo exhibitions of local and internationally acclaimed contemporary artists, the Gallery is also regularly represented by groups and associations from other regions of the world. These include the Southbank Centre, the Arts Council England and the London Contemporary Festival. For a more international perspective, the London Jewish Museum is represented by the Israel Institute of Photography. For those interested in photography, you might like to look at the installation view of Peter Kieling’s photography collection, which includes some famous solo exhibitions such as the exhibition of thesis by Claes Feest, entitled Feest’s Table. Other solo exhibitions from local artists include that of Bruno Voogd, featuring work from Zsanett andiovio Fontana.

When it comes to presenting work, the art gallery at Grove Square is ideally positioned to combine solo exhibitions with installations and sculptures. In tandem with an established collectors’ market, the centre presents exciting solo exhibitions and art exhibitions as part of its core programme year on year. This includes installations by prominent British contemporary artists including Dan Christensen and Joanna Young, as well as renowned Italian artisans such as Sandro Botticelli and Pierpaolo Monti. In addition to this programme, the gallery also regularly presents joint ventures and collaborations with other renowned organisations and institutions, as part of its inclusiveness and commitment to engaging with all types of art enthusiasts.

In line with this, the art gallery at Grove Square Galleries has also launched its latest programme, comprising a major focus on contemporary exhibitions and the development of programme opportunities and partnerships with leading contemporary artists. In tandem with the launch, Grove Square Galleries has also developed its own contemporary gift shop to increase its clientele and sales, in order to supplement its new exhibition programmes. The Gift Shop will feature a range of unique gift items created especially for customers who are collectors of art. Apart from this, the gift shop will also feature unique collector-only merchandise. A further initiative is the sponsorship of the St Paul’s Cathedral, to be the setting for the annual St Paul’s Day Festival.

At Grove Square Galleries, you can look forward to a comprehensive range of varied and engaging activities and events, in collaboration with leading local and international artists, which will be designed to strengthen your visual culture and nurture your relationships with other artists and collectors. This year has seen a number of new gallery shows taking place in and around the area of West Cork, attracting audiences from across the world. These shows, which take place during January every year, feature some of the most renowned names in contemporary arts, including John Baldessarsson, Oliver Hughes, Declan Garvey, Michael Kaprin, and numerous others. Other events take place during May, which includes a solo exhibition by Canadian artist, Peter Youngerman entitled “Machines”. Various other annual cultural events take place throughout Cork, including the Cork Jazz Festival held in partnership with the Cork Film Centre. These events, as well as Cork festivals such as the Jazz Festival, St Patrick’s Day Festival, and various other cultural events, serve to strengthen the visual culture in both Cork and Ireland.

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