Survival skills are essential techniques which a individual can employ in order to survive in any kind of hostile environment or constructed setting. These skills are intended to give basic needs for sustaining human life that includes food, water, and shelter. In this modern era survival skills have become critical for individuals and families especially in times of disaster. When disaster strikes, people’s survival skills enable them to either relocate, or they may depend on others such as friends and relatives for assistance. These skills can be learned through instructional classes, on the job training, through experience, or by trial and error.

Fire is among the most essential skills that any individual can learn. Fire can cause serious damage to homes, buildings, and other things. Hence, it is important to learn how to extinguish a fire. This can be achieved through on the job training, classroom instruction, or through trial and error.

A compass is also considered one of the most important survival skills. A compass can provide accurate directions during any survival situation. A compass is a useful skill, because it will allow you to find your way back to your starting point after emergency situations have occurred. Compass skill is taught through classroom instruction as well as through experience in emergency situations.

A self-defense skill might also be considered as one of the most essential survival skills. If you encounter someone who has an ill intention or who is trying to get away with something, you will want to have the ability to safely subdue that person. Through practice you will be able to learn how to effectively defend yourself in a fire, how to get lost, and how to stay out of risky situations.

The last basic survival skills that you should consider taking part in are related to wilderness survival skills. You should take wilderness survival skills on hikes and tours through unfamiliar territories. If you encounter a dangerous situation, you will want to be prepared so that you do not become a victim.

As you can see, there are many survival skills that you can practice. In order to be prepared for any eventuality, you should learn all of the habits that you can put into practice in order to survive in any emergency situation. Water, food, shelter, clothing, and fire are the essentials for your survival. These items are available in abundance in the backyard of just about anyone.

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