Golf shoes for plantar fasciitis are specially designed athletic footwear intended to provide comfort and safety for golfers of various ability levels. They’re not only good for making the course, but they can also make you look great and add a few points to your golf game. There are special features associated with golf shoes, which are beneficial to people of many different skill levels. This article looks at some of these features and what to look for when buying your next pair. It’s important to know what makes your golf shoes different from other shoes, and what you should consider when choosing a pair.

The first thing to look at is water resistance. In general, golf shoes will be more waterproof than most athletic shoes but not all. There are specialized shoes, such as the Titleist Pro V1, that are specifically designed to have water resistance up to a certain depth, and are thus a very popular choice. This type of waterproofing has been used in the sports industry for years and is a long way from the standard athletic waterproofing available in most common footwear.

Next, consider what purpose you intend to use your golf shoes for: will they be used just for golf courses, or for playing tennis, softball, running, hiking and the like? This is a very important consideration, as it’s not uncommon for people to spend several hundred dollars on athletic footwear and yet rarely do any of them ever wear them for more than a couple of months. If you want to wear a new pair on a golf course exclusively, and not play tennis, softball, football and the like, then you need to spend a bit more on the type of athletic footwear you choose, since you won’t be using them very often.

Comfort is another issue to think about, especially if you’re buying a new pair. Are you looking for high quality, lasting comfort? Or do you want to buy a pair of golf shoes that look good but offer minimal support? Comfort first, then fit later is generally a good strategy.

If you have issues with any of these issues, it may be time to consider a different type of golf shoe. Look for a pair with extra stability. This is usually indicated by a steel toe, or by a rubber strip down the side of the shoe. It’s common for players to find this additional stability essential, especially if they are prone to twisting their ankles in difficult conditions. A stiff sole will wear quicker than a flexible one, and will make it difficult to hold on to the ball. On the other hand, if your problem is more along the lines of weight shift on your feet, then it’s usually best to opt for a pair that offers extra stability.

Breathability is also important, particularly if you tend to sweat a lot while playing. Breathability is indicated by the presence of a vapor barrier. Unfortunately, not all golf shoes offer this kind of breathability and those that do often don’t offer good levels of it. This can have serious consequences when you are playing in damp conditions, because damp air tends to be much colder, which increases your grip on the club and decreases the amount of energy that you can exert. Golf shoes with superior breathability fare better in these conditions, because they can remain cool enough to keep your feet comfortable. However, even the best breathability can’t compensate for a poorly constructed pair of golf shoes, so make sure that you test out a pair before you buy.

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