If you are one among those people who are completely tired of every day routine, then try a variety of fun, useless and funny online games to give you that much needed break. Here at this website you do not only get to play various online games but also learn a variety of new things. So come and get lost in these online games, if you want to spend some quality time with your family or friends without even disturbing them.

The very first online game that you can try is called kinetic boost and it’s very much similar to any other skill game. You can learn this free skill game and it requires you to tap on a particular number of buttons in order to activate certain gears such as, jump button, a kick button etc. in order to make your character move in a particular way and get into position to hit enemies without taking any damage. Then check out the variety of cool, useless and funny online games for bored folks just to keep you busy during those boring days.

Another very cool online game that you may like to play is called old school runescape and is quite similar to the classic skill game. However, here you are given many options to choose from and your opponents include: cats, dogs, fishes, worms and marauders. You have to hit your opponents and remove all the stars from their hats in order to move forward to advance to the next level. You can get more information about joker123.

Tower defense is yet another simulation game in which you are given several options to choose from. For example, you can either build towers and destroy the opponent’s base or use the towers and protect your base. As the levels progress, the skills required to win the game also increase and at the end you are required to defeat the boss. There are few variations to this tower defense game as it requires different skills and strategies for winning.

Uno, the most exciting online game can also be considered as one of the addictive games. The game involves a child who has to save the cartoon character named “Uno” by beating all the enemy characters. If you are playing with children, you may find it very easy to get the attention of your children as they love watching this cute and funny animation cartoon.

This card game uno is a variation of the classic game solitaire which is played with four players. The aim of this game is to eliminate all the cards by matching them up and moving them to the four corners of the table. Again, this is an addictive game and it requires strategy and skill to eliminate all the cards that are placed in front of you. The game requires strategy to beat the opponents once you are armed with the knowledge of their weakness. Hence, it becomes very important to win the game against your opponent’s otherwise your effort will go in vain.

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