To solve, simply read the clue displayed below the puzzle and use the provided letters to type the word. The game even shows the word as you type and instantly tells you whether or not it is correct. This free site provides you with links to popular dailies, such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, and Washington Post.

If you make a typo, you can always click on the individual letter box and swap out the letter. Similarly, if you think the entire word is wrong, you can go back and change it. Updated the word lists and added the names of another 1000 famous people. Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data.

Statistical information, such as total time played, last played time and a gauge that displays squares solved, cheated or incorrect. The information is well organized, so you won’t have to waste time flipping through it. For all those obscure words, names, and references you’d never use in regular conversation, there’s The best crossword dictionary (around $10). It’s packed with over 1,500 terms, touching on everything from the parts of a flower to fictional places. For the iOS section of this list, all the apps should work on both iOS and iPad unless otherwise specified.

All you have to do is enter crossword clues and let the app do the rest. Crossword Solver by LithiumApps is one of the newer crossword solvers on the list. It has quite a decent set of features, including over 400,000 words, offline support, and an anagram solver on top of the crossword solver capabilities.

You also have access to “The Archives” and crossword packs with multiple puzzles to play. The Crossword Solver is designed to help users to find the missing answers to their crossword puzzles. The system can solve single or multiple word clues and can deal with many plurals.

Of course, you can use Google Search to find other crossword solvers for basically any platform. In fact, we used it rather heavily while looking for potential entrants for this very list. From educational games to strategy puzzles, there’s a whole lot of brain-exercising you can do here on this website. With crossword puzzle updates occurring every day, Arkadium features different categories of crosswords—from the mini to the commuter puzzle to themed puzzles. Certainly one of the most iconic crosswords in history, you don’t need a subscription toNew York Magazine in order to play its weekly puzzle.

When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices,we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. Across Lite Crosswords is an iPad app for crossword fans. It features an exceptionally advanced solver along with some actual crossword puzzles. There are a variety of filters, blank letter support, and other tools to help you narrow things down as much as possible.

Designed with simple, clean, and easy visuals, using this app won’t get you overwhelmed. Whenever you get stumped in a crossword puzzle, this is an app that you need. Crossword Clue Solver is designed to help you search for words only from a clue or a pattern.

Fill the blanks with provided clues or letters to find possible answers. What’s interesting about this site is that you can learn how to be a crossword puzzle master. If you’re looking to solve English crosswords with the help of an app, Crossword Solver is worth the thought.

Additionally, you can find word definitions and audio pronunciations if you need those things. The UI is simple enough even if it doesn’t look overly impressive. It works offline for most of its functions, but you need the Internet to look up definitions. It solves anagrams and it also helps with crossword puzzles. It supports blank spots so you can look for almost any word as long as you know at least part of it.

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